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Company Type
Name1/Last Name
Name2/First Name
Federal State
4260235870007ACG EZb1506656ProducerStaudenkulturen Bernd Fourné50181Bedburg-KirchhertenGermany
Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA)
Certification Body / Producer GroupName1Name2SchemeCertificate (online)Certificate (PDF)Other Information
ACGAgrar Control GmbH | en  |   
Crop based
Flower and Ornamentals
ProductGLOBALG.A.P. certificate no.CycleStatusCertified/assessed processChecklistValid toScheme GRScheme CPCCOptionMultisiteCountries of destinationCertificate (online)Certificate (PDF)Other Information
Perennials - Flowering  00091-NXXHN-0002Currentcertified certifiedYesNo checklists available.03/12/2021GLOBALG.A.P. GR version 5.2GLOBALG.A.P. IFA CPCC version 5.21no MultisiteDEUde | en | 
Attributes current cycle
Harvest IncludedIncluded
Product HandlingNo
Parallel Production (PP)?No
Unannounced reward programNo, annual announced inspection
Parallel Ownership (PO)?No
Assessment conducted remotely?N/A