Currently there is a problem with some (not all) GGN showing up as *************. Our progammers are working on this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
For Certification Bodies: You can use the GRASP upload: Once the ************** appear, just copy the GGN again and upload. If you can't find a GGN, please send us the data (e. g. name).
The investigation will regrettably take some more time (26.05.2020 10:00), sorry for the inconvenience.
We are receiving a lot of requests. Responding time can be higher as usual. Thank you for your patience.
Public Holiday on 1st June (Whitmonday): Limited service (09-17 Berlin Time).

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The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture


Please note that you can only notify your company, if you have already contacted a trustee (certification body). The trustee will give you a specific key, which must be entered during the notification process.