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we have updated our Bookmarking sheet which is available in our document center Jul 27, 2021.
This shall be used from 30/07/2021 on. Please note that the old template cannot be used anymore.

We have changed the headers in the excel upload sheet to make it easier for the users to decide which information they wish to fill out. The changes do not affect the API. The download of list view does also not change.

Liebe Bookmarking-Nutzer, wir haben unser Bookmarking Template aktualisiert (27. Juli 2021) und ist in unserem Dokumentenzentrum verfügbar.
Dieses soll ab dem 30/07/2021 verwendet werden. Die alte Vorlage wird ab dem 30/07/2021 nicht mehr verwendet werden können.

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The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture

There are several options to search in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. Please note that search results depend on your complete search input and on your data access. For example more information is available for market participants.
Search #1 - Identify producer via unique codes
You may enter either a GGN, LGN, CoC Number, CB registration ID, GLOBALG.A.P. certification number, GLN or Sub-GLN registered in the GLOBALG.A.P. database
GGN / GLN / LGN / CoC Number, CB registration ID, GLOBALG.A.P. certification number

Search #2 - Browse the GLOBALG.A.P. database for producers via producer name and location
Please note that search results vary according to your assigned role and the access right setting of the respective producers
*Mandatory for Search #2
CountryFederal State City ZIP

Search #3 - Browse the GLOBALG.A.P. Database for producers according to scheme requirements
Please note that drop-down menus vary according to your assigned role
*Mandatory for Search #3, select Country to enable Product drop-down menu
SchemeOptionCompany Type

Filter certification validity
Filter results based on time left until the certificate expires
Show only certificates expiring within